The first book
Little Big People inform about the celebrities who, despite their contribution not received from the wider public due recognition.

The second book
Big Little People, highlights the scientists who received the recognition, but it was not enough deserved their scientific work.

From a content page
The project tries to split the individual parts of the content value - independent use excerpts of the text and highlight the seriousness of the actual situation. Visually, the project is divided into two conflicting " worlds " - in contrast content refers colors, using a type of calligraphy and postproduction use their images. Implementation of the project is the creation of two hardcover books which are different graphic processing of illustrations and layouts.

In the book underrated personalities, Little Big People is the use of aesthetically more appealing by combining papers, and ornamental calligraphy. On the other hand, in the second book, containing overrated personalities, Big Little People, is used black and white contrast, portraits processing is designed as a lost of identity (you do not recognize famous faces), calligraphy is a simple.

Little Big People

Big Little People
Big Little People
Embossing stamps (3D print)
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