Ongoing Typeface

WIP                   A sneak peek of hybrid typeface in progress. More coming soon!

Personal project



Mia Toman

WIP                   Mia Toman is talented fashion designer focused on refined cuts and high-quality materials. The goal was to create branding system, where photography and products will take primary role.

Concept was inspirated by stitching needle through material, the same like text is stitched through photos. Text is one font size and the hierarchy is built by spacing and aligning.


Client: Mia Tomanova
Photography: Marianna Tomanova


Editorial Design
A New Type of Imprint Vol. 13

2018                 Magazine designed to compete with your phone. A pocket format you can read on the move. Depending on your preference for text or image you can tear the book in two.
Giving added choice/preference to the reader we found it appropriate – as social comment on creativity and the rising power of consumers – to limit the choices of the designer. Limiting creative choice to one typographical weight and a mathematically defined grid the designers output came down to placement, pacing and active use of white space to create give form to hierarchy and narrative.

Stack Awards 2018 - Commendation (Art Director of the Year)
ADC Awards - Merit

Made at ANTI
Chief Editor & Art Director: Veronica Mike Solheim
Cheif Publisher: Kenneth Pedersen
Design: Jana Papiernikova, Endre Berentzen


Kubo typeface

2016                 Kubo is a modular mono typeface that is based on axonometric drawing.

Personal project


Editorial design
Wednesday Wisdom Vol. I

2015                 Skaggs Creative’s Wednesday Wisdom is a coffee table book which features interviews with clients, friends and people who inspire them.

Award: Communication Arts Typography Excellence

Made at Skaggs Creative
Calligraphy & Design: Jana Papiernikova
Art Direction: Jonina Skaggs
Editor: Bradley Skaggs

All Rights Reserved