Editorial Design
A New Type of Imprint Vol. 13

2018                 Magazine designed to compete with your phone. A pocket format you can read on the move. Depending on your preference for text or image you can tear the book in two.
Giving added choice/preference to the reader we found it appropriate – as social comment on creativity and the rising power of consumers – to limit the choices of the designer. Limiting creative choice to one typographical weight and a mathematically defined grid the designers output came down to placement, pacing and active use of white space to create give form to hierarchy and narrative.

Stack Awards 2018 - Commendation (Art Director of the Year)
ADC Awards - Merit

Made at ANTI
Chief Editor & Art Director: Veronica Mike Solheim
Cheif Publisher: Kenneth Pedersen
Design: Jana Papiernikova, Endre Berentzen

All Rights Reserved